The Holy QURAN Two cases filed against the person who desecreted the Holy Book


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Two cases were filed against the person who burnt The Holy QURAN on the day of EID UL ADHA 2023

What happened?

In June 2023, a disturbing incident took place in Sweden where a Quran was burnt in front of the biggest Mosque in the Stockholm area in front of hundreds of Muslims. This act of desecration not only raises concerns about religious tolerance and freedom of expression but also highlights the need for greater understanding and respect among different communities.

The burning of religious texts is a highly sensitive issue that can have far-reaching consequences. It not only hurts the sentiments of those who hold the Quran sacred but also fuels tensions and divisions within society. Such acts undermine the principles of inclusivity and diversity that are essential for harmonious coexistence.


The recent incident has sparked outrage and led to hundreds of Iraqis storming and protesting at the Swedish Embassy in Baghdad. This act of religious provocation has ignited tensions and highlighted the need for greater understanding and respect between different cultures and religions.

The incident serves as a reminder that actions can have far-reaching consequences, especially in an interconnected world where news travels quickly. It is crucial for individuals to exercise restraint and consider the potential impact of their actions on others, particularly when it comes to matters as sensitive as religion.

While freedom of expression is an important value, it should not be used as an excuse to incite hatred or disrespect towards any religious group. The burning of religious texts is not only deeply offensive but also undermines efforts toward fostering peaceful coexistence among diverse communities.

The history

If we look at the history of these actions, it refers back to the US, Denmark, France, and other countries. This action is not specific to Sweden only and has been happening in many other parts of the World throughout history.

Previously in Sweden, A Swedish national Rasmus Paludan who was banned in Denmark for the said actions has burnt several copies of The Holy QURAN in many parts of Sweden but Swedish police have registered cases against him and banned him from entering Sweden. Because of his actions, fierce protests took place back in 2022 in Malmo, Sweden.

In after the above events, Swedish police banned issuing permissions for such events but they were overturned by a Swedish court recently.

It should be noted that the Government of Sweden, the prime minister or any other executive bodies cannot do anything when it is decided in court. According to the constitution, Freedom of Speech is one of the pillar of its existence and this often manipulated when such events occur. Similar was the case with this event.

Moreover, Islamic organizations, lawyers nor any other parties from Islamic scholars did not participated in the case in courts. Swedish police was the only opposing party in the court and they put the remarks to NOT ALLOW such events because they spread hate and protests.

Recently, in June 2023, a former IRAQI who is a Swedish national now has burnt The Holy QURAN in front of the biggest mosque in Stockholm where hundreds of Muslims were performing EID prayers. After the events a lot of anger was shown by many Islamic states including Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and many others.

Recent Updates

Swedish government has officially condemned this event and called it an Islamophobic action and should not be allowed.

Islamic organizations have decided to make a body against such events. They have also decided to gather people from communities related to Christians and Jews as well to make a path way for prevention of such events by talking to the Governments, and become opposing parties in court cases because most of them are not in favour of such events.

In 2022, a policy was created by Islamic organizations not to attend these events and not to promote them which was the ultimate goal of those events.

In recent updates, the person who did this has been charged in two different case of which one is of important.

Case 1: Fire ban

Sweden has imposed fire ban during summers in which the person has break the Law and has been charged.

Case 2: Disrepect to Religion and hurting a large religious community

The second case is of more importance and if pursued correctly by Muslim scholars and lawyers, the person could be jailed for two years and the said case could be presented as a judgement in future cases of such types where the decision is challenged.

Other Opinions

A lot of opinions are heared about changes in Law related to Freedom of Speech which looks very hard because the present parliment of Sweden has to propose this change. In current scenarios it looks impossible because neither of the eight political parties has demanded this change.

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