Indian Prime Minister Modi’s 4 day visit to America in June 2023: A brief view what happened

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Narendra Modi visit to the US

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In June 2023, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited America for a four-day trip, the first since the COVID-19 pandemic. The visit was aimed at strengthening the strategic partnership between the two countries, as well as addressing some of the key issues and challenges facing the world today.

Day 1

The visit began with a meeting with President Joe Biden at the White House, where the two leaders discussed a range of topics, including trade, defense, climate change, health, and democracy. They also announced a new initiative called the Green Partnership, which will focus on enhancing cooperation on clean energy, innovation, and green infrastructure. The initiative will also support India’s ambitious goal of achieving 450 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2030.

Day 2

The next day, Prime Minister Modi addressed a joint session of the US Congress, where he received a standing ovation from both sides of the aisle. He spoke about the shared values and interests of the two countries, and the need to work together to tackle global challenges such as terrorism, cyberattacks, and nuclear proliferation. He also highlighted the contributions of the Indian-American community to the US society and economy, and thanked them for their support and friendship.

Day 3

On the third day, Prime Minister Modi met with several business leaders and CEOs from various sectors, such as technology, finance, energy, and healthcare. He invited them to invest in India’s growing economy, and assured them of a conducive business environment and policy reforms. He also showcased some of the flagship initiatives of his government, such as Digital India, Make in India, Startup India, and Skill India.

Day 4

On the final day, Prime Minister Modi attended a community event at Madison Square Garden, where he was greeted by a cheering crowd of over 20,000 people. He delivered an inspiring speech on the achievements and aspirations of India, and the role of the Indian diaspora in strengthening the ties between the two countries. He also paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., two icons of non-violence and civil rights.


The visit was widely hailed as a success by both sides, as it reaffirmed the strong and enduring friendship between India and America. It also demonstrated the commitment of both leaders to work together for a more peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world.

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