Earning Money By Providing Professional Services in UAE

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QURB Services

Are you a registered freelance professional expert in services OR a registered company based in the United Arab Emirates? Then you are at the right place. QURB Services is an online marketplace designed for consumers, freelancers, and vendors who can provide various services in the UAE. Services include but are not limited to catering, cleaning, laundry, repairing, mechanic, information and technology, beauty and spa and the list goes on.

The problem QURB Services solves

Consumer Perspective

In the modern-day professional services industry, it has become tough for consumers to find the right service providers at the right time and right place. For example, a consumer might have to repair their car and they would like to book an appointment with a car mechanic. They would have to search online, contact the mechanic, book a time and weight in the queue. Meanwhile, the consumer does not know the competitive pricing in the surrounding industry for the same service, and they also don’t know the quality of the service the mechanic will provide, thus, booking a service that the consumer does not know about along with time waste.

Vendor Perspective

New businesses and startups spend tons of money after they launch on marketing and advertisement. By joining QURB Services, they mark their presence to a consumer database who like to buy services. QURB Services gives the advantage to vendors in their early stages by advertising their businesses free of cost by gaining popularity through competitive pricing models and quality professional services on this platform. Consumers of various industries interact with vendors of various industries under one umbrella giving collective benefits to each other.

The Two-Way Model In QURB Services

Booking service by the consumer

At QURB Services Marketplace, a consumer can search OR browse through various categories, vendors, and their services and find the service they want and book it by following the interactive booking system. A vendor service is designed in such a way that ANY type of service can be published by vendors regardless of the industry they work in. Similarly, the consumer has the flexibility to choose among different options provided by the service provider in their services.

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